Oleron island welcomes you 15km from the campsite.


Cross the bridge and visit Oléron which is 30km long and 11km wide. Ile d'Oléron has a wonderful climate and is the largest island in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is divided into 8 towns: Chateau d'Oléron with its famous citadel and oyster breeding port, Saint Trojan Les Bains sea resort with its state forest, Dolus d'Oléron with its marsh, Saint Pierre d'Oléron with its architecture and fishing port in La Cotinière, Le Grand Village Plage and Le Port des Salines, Saint Denis d'Oléron in the north with its marina, dunes and Chassiron lighthouse, Saint Georges d'Oléron and its little villages of Chaucre, Domino and Boyardville, fishing ports, marinas and of course beaches and forest.
Some of the dunes are leafy with maritime pines. If you love swimming and relaxing, long stretches of fine sand beach await. Shellfish gatherers haven’t been forgotten: you can catch clams, prawns and winkles in accordance with regulations.
Oyster breeding is very prevalent with numerous oyster ports. Feast on the famous Oléron oysters.